1.    The sport has been featured in all editions of the Paralympic Games since Toronto 1976.

2.    Shooting Para sport is practiced internationally by athletes in more than 75 countries.

3.    South Korea tops the all-time Paralympic Games medals table followed by Sweden and Australia.

4.    South Korea and Sweden have both won 23 golds at the Paralympics, but the Asians come first as they have claimed 18 silver against Sweden’s 10.

5.    Thirty-seven nations have won shooting Para sport medals at the Paralympic Games.

6.    Swede athlete Jonas Jakobsson is the most decorated shooter as he secured 27 medals overall, including 17 golds, two silvers and eight bronze.

7.    The most successful female athlete is Australian Elizabeth Kosmala, who won nine golds and three silvers between 1976 and 1988.

8.    Seven of the 13 shooting Para sport events at the Paralympic Games are mixed-gender.

9.    There was a 62 age-difference between Turkey’s Sevilay Ozturk (12), the youngest athlete in shooting Para sport at Rio 2016, and Kosmala (74), the oldest.

10.    Canadian R. Thibodeau was the first Paralympic champion in the sport as he topped the podium in the mixed rifle 1A-1C at Toronto 1976.